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By partnering with The Manuka Tree, we offer you the unique opportunity to target a market into India that is over 8 million strong, in an area that is affluent and ready to purchase quality, healthy products based over a wide range of amenities such as skincare, Manuka honey products and baby formula AND YOUR PRODUCT.........

What Is The Manuka Tree Project

The Manuka Tree is both an online portal and physical concept store based in Ambala, India. By providing a physical location, potential customers can see your products and interact with them in a retail environment, placing orders online through our internet based website portal and you deliver the goods direct to the purchaser.  We market directly to our demographic by utilising TV styled shopping channels shows created specifically and exclusively for our partners.

TV Shopping Style Show Reaches Our Audience

We market directly to our demographic by utilising TV styled shopping channels shows created specifically and exclusively for our partners.  Each show we make features our partner's brands and products and as well as broadcasting them LIVE through multiple social media channels, we rotate all content throughout the website and feature partner's videos on the front page of the website as well.

Our production values are extremely high and our presenters are well trained and industry leaders in TV presenting.

Monique Bradley

Current Presenters:

Monique Bradley

Monique Bradley is a well known New Zealand TV presenter.  She has previously worked in TV as a shopping channel hosts and currently has her own show "Easy Living With Monique Bradley" that broadcasts weekly through multiple Internet channels produced by YOURFIX TV.  YOURFIX TV has reached over 900,000 people through Facebook alone.

What Products Do We List

We are partnering with New Zealand based businesses that either are fully manufactured in NZ or products are designed in NZ.  We seek a margin for the opportunity to channel your products directly to our Indian based consumers and offer several levels of partnership that allows you to control the level of exposure appropriate to the level of ability to deliver good directly to India.

Our Target Demographic

Here at The Manuka Tree, we value relationships and we work hard to ensure that our partners are well represented in our Indian target market.  As you can see through our website have our concept store based in Ambala and our target market is From Chandigarh to Delhi with an estimated potential consumer base of 8 million people.  Within this demographic our products target mainly Female and 18-65, married and with a family.  We also have a focus on Male, 30-75 as these statistics incorporate the fathers within a family unit as well as businessmen supporting families and looking for the best protection for their family through clean, green, healthy products from clean, green New Zealand. 

Sales And Delivery

Our sales are made online through this website portal using a POS mechanism.  We use Stripe to manage online sales.  Once a sale has been made, the order will be emailed to you as the supplier.  We operate in a dropshipping situation where you as the supplier, fulfills the order directly to the customer.  This allows you to start to build the relationship with the customer and allows The Manuka Tree to manage the relationship in a face to face type of situation.  We are in India, now you can reach customers there through our channel.

What We Offer Partners

We offer partners the opportunity to reach over 8 million potential customers from Chandigarh to Delhi.  Through this website we can offer opportunities to be featured at various levels throughout the website.

Opportunities are available that include:

  • Featured in the main header of the website
  • Featured brand of the month would appear above the fold on the front page
  • Featured porduct would appear in the main portion of the main front page
  • Video content would be produced that featured the brand or product

Our Sales Channel

The Manuka Tree sales channel is extensively marketed into the target demographic audience and the geographically relevant region. We regularly analyze market reach, social media statistics and combine with sales data to provide targeted advertising for our featured partners that bring results and increase of sales.

Our Partner Plans

Silver Plan

Access To Our Channel In India, listed in our website


/ month

  • check
    Listing in our online shop
  • check
    general promotion within categories
  • check
    Social media marketing of brand included in general posts

Gold Plan

Promotion and featured online and social media


/ month

  • check
    Everything in the SILVER Plan
  • check
    Weekly social media posts
  • check
    Featured Brands on front page
  • check
    Monthly newsletter mailout
  • check
    30 second Brand video created
  • check
    Video played in website in channel rotation

Platinum Plan

Exclusive promotion throughout website and social media


/ month

  • check
    Everything in the GOLD Plan
  • check
    Featured top of front page
  • check
    Video featured on website front page
  • check
    Promotion of video on social media
  • check
    Video played in-store Ambala
  • check
    Additional 30 second product video created
  • check
    Product video promoted through social media

Prices are NZD and + GST in New Zealand

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